[Misnomer’s] music is as exciting as it is uncategorizable. The horn-centric outfit blends jazz fusion, deep funk, instrumental hip hop, and modern classical to create an intoxicating sound that’s unlike anything else in town.”

— Flagpole Magazine

About Us

Misnomer  is an ensemble based out of Atlanta, Georgia. It began as a collective of students from the University of Georgia channeling their influences from classical, hip-hop, funk, and jazz music into something original. The group is comprised of some variation of horns (trumpet,  alto/tenor/bari sax, and trombone), keyboard and synthesizer, bass, drums, and percussion. They perform a repertoire of music that spans several genres, influenced by artists and composers like OutKast, NO BS! Brass Band, musicians from GroundUp Music, and more.

Misnomer has enjoyed sharing the stage with several national-touring acts such as Marshall Gilkes, Turkuaz, CBDB, The Werks, and more. In February 2017, they released their EP, Mister Tie Dye, and in April 2018 they released their first full-length album, Neighborhood. Their third project, Strength In Numbers, was released at the beginning of 2020. The diversity of their composers is apparent in Misnomer's music, elevating their sound beyond a single genre. To call it jazz fusion or a jam band would be a misnomer.

"There are some bands one may stumble upon that manage to create music that ultimately defies the traditional limitations of genre and simply must be experienced to be understood… Misnomer is one of those bands."  

-  Daniel Graham, Georgia Local Spotlight

"These guys are a young, talented, innovative, and an extremely funky band out of Athens, GA... Impressive horn arrangements, air tight rhythm section, and killer songs make for a great night with this band." 

 -  Seth Hendershot, Owner of Hendershot's Coffee